Mike Bliss

Outdoor Adventure Committee

National Committee

The volunteer leader in the region is the region Order of the Arrow chairman. Appointed annually by the region director, he is responsible for administering and monitoring the program regionally, with a special emphasis placed on his role as adviser to the region chief.

What school do/did you attend? Oregon Institute of Technology
What college major/degree? Buisiness
What OA positions have you held? Lodge Secretary, Lodge Chief, Section Adviser, Chapter Adviser, Lodge Adviser, Area Adviser, Region Vice Chairman, Region Chairman, National Committee
What is your favorite Scouting memory? Hiking/Camping Cascade Lakes
What other groups, sports, or clubs do you belong to? Klamath Youth Club
What is your current career or career aspiration? Mortgage Broker
Where were you born? Alamogordo, New Mexico
What is your biggest pet peeve? People Who Don't Follow Through On Commitments
What is your favorite movie?  Amadeus
What is your favorite song? -
Favorite ice cream? Hazelnut Chocolate Gelato
Anything else?  -


Joe Barton and Mike Bliss


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