The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend training program focusing on leadership development.

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2017 Western Region Chief

Manué is from the Orange County Council in Aliso Viejo, CA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Wiatava Lodge.



The Developing Youth Leaders Conference (DYLC) focuses on the tools every adult needs to mentor and develop our outstanding youth leaders.

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Your Western Region

Area 4 Areaclave Recap

On Friday, September 15th, 530 Arrowmen from all around Area 4 gathered at the Irvine Outdoor Education Center in Irvine, California for a weekend filled with fun and fellowship - an event that took two years to plan and hasn’t occured for nearly 27 years.

Planning for the Areaclave began back in 2016, when two Section Chiefs, Matthias Leier and Javier Venegas of W-4N and W-4S started brainstorming a potential Area Conclave. Then in 2017, the planning continued in under the leadership of chiefs, Jorge Salazar and Matthew McMahan, who headed a joint area CoC in the year leading up to the Areaclave. At Areaclave, trainings, patch trading, auctions, sports, museums, shows, and lodge fairs were amongst the many activities offered to the Arrowmen in attendance.

Buy a patch to help rebuild Puerto Rico Council’s Guajataka Scout Reservation

The Scouting family has stepped up in a big way to support Puerto Rico. In less than two weeks, Scouts and Scouters have purchased more than $32,000 in patches. Area Director Jim Hans recently visited Puerto Rico to survey the damages to the offices and camp. “Two months post Maria, and the damage is still astounding,” he writes. “Most still don’t have electricity, and while roads have been cleared, debris is everywhere. On my way to camp I drove for three to four miles on a road where every single power pole was laying on the ground It will take months to get things back to normal. “As a sort of reality check for me, I took the staff out to dinner my first night there. After the dinner, one of the staff came up to me to thank me for the dinner. He told me that was the first fresh meat he has eaten in 45 days. “The optimism and can-do attitude of every Puerto Rican I met while there was truly inspiring. Two months of no electricity, running water, air conditioning, hot water, limited food was viewed as a mere inconvenience that they’ll overcome. The executive board is dedicated to rebuilding the council to better than it was and are even working hard to grow their membership this year. “In many towns and villages, Scouting units were among the first organized groups to respond after the storm. ‘To help other people at all times’ took on a life of its own as Scout groups cleared debris, distributed food and water, cooked meals, and helped those who needed it. It was a privilege to witness Scouting values on display island-wide. “Puerto Rico can survive this, but they need the help of us States-side. Fundraising on the island has been put on hold for an undetermined time; our support will be needed during this time to both rebuild what Maria destroyed as well as to allow the council to continue serving the youth that are, as we speak, serving their communities.”

Japan NLS Promotion

This year, the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is going international. The Western Region doesn’t just serve Arrowmen in 16 different states across the US, including Hawaii and Alaska but also Scouts and Scouters across the world in Japan, Australia, and many other countries as well. Just like any Arrowmen from around the Region, those who live in Japan and other foreign countries deserve to be taught how to be effective leaders and experience an Order of the Arrow staple.

Area 4 Conclave Spotlight

Area 4 Teams Up for the 2017 Area 4 Area-Conclave

“What’s better than two section conclaves?” This is the question that was asked at one W-4N Council of Chiefs (COC) meeting in the fall of 2015.

Oregon NLS Promotional Interview

Q&A about NLS with Western Region Chief, Manué Lopez

OA Shows Patch Promo

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a little bit of jamboree home with you. One of the jamboree’s four shows was focused around fellowship and service, highlighting the Order of the Arrow. To celebrate all the Order of the Arrow has to offer and what it does for scouting a special commemorative patch was made for the occasion. Only a limited amount of patches were made and supply is running out fast.

2017 Jamboree Recap

From July 19-28th, 40,000 scouts flew from all over the world to West Virginia to attend the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. Held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, this 10-day scouting experience is truly once-in-a-lifetime. From new faces to fantastic shows and program there was never a dull moment at the jamboree.

Newly Formed Western Region Committees

After a very exciting and successful year of Scouting and Service, the Western Region is looking forward to an even better 2017. We have formed two new committees to help us to reach that objective; the Finance Committee, and the Camping Promotions Committee. Additionally, the Communications Committee is always looking to add new members, so they are also described below. If any of these look like something you may be interested in, please fill out the Google Form at the bottom of the page. The Finance, Camping Promotions, and Communications Committee needs YOUR help to be successful!

SURGE Update

Supporting Units through Really Great Elections

The SURGE team has created a new training syllabus with additional resources we hope you will find helpful.

This new material is available at:

2017 OA High Adventure Scholarships

Did you know that the Western Region offers each lodge a $300 OA High Adventure Scholarship that they can give to an arrowman in the lodge?!

National Leadership Seminar

The Western Region has 1 upcoming NLS training opportunities:
November 10-12 in Tokyo.

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Developing Youth Leadership Conference

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