The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend training program focusing on leadership development.

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2017 Western Region Chief
Manué Lopez

Manué is from the Orange County Council in Aliso Viejo, CA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Wiatava Lodge.

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The Developing Youth Leaders Conference (DYLC) focuses on the tools every adult needs to mentor and develop our outstanding youth leaders.

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Your Western Region

Newly Formed Western Region Committees

After a very exciting and successful year of Scouting and Service, the Western Region is looking forward to an even better 2017. We have formed two new committees to help us to reach that objective; the Finance Committee, and the Camping Promotions Committee. Additionally, the Communications Committee is always looking to add new members, so they are also described below. If any of these look like something you may be interested in, please fill out the Google Form at the bottom of the page. The Finance, Camping Promotions, and Communications Committee needs YOUR help to be successful!

SURGE Update

Supporting Units through Really Great Elections

The SURGE team has created a new training syllabus with additional resources we hope you will find helpful.

This new material is available at:

2017 OA High Adventure Scholarships

Did you know that the Western Region offers each lodge a $300 OA High Adventure Scholarship that they can give to an arrowman in the lodge?!

2017 Western Region Service Grant Recipients

The Order of the Arrow offers service grants to assist lodges who have aspired to provide cheerful service to properties within their council. Here are the lodges within the Western Region that have been awarded service grants for the 2017 year.

Western Region Gathering Recap

“I’m a section chief. Now what?”

That is a question that most newly elected section chiefs asked themselves before attending the Western Region Gathering. The region’s gathering, which is organized by the region chief and training coordinator, did a great job of answering that question, and other questions that the members of section leadership had. The gathering usually takes place at the end of each October, and the three other regions also host similar section officer seminar weekends where they prepare their section chiefs for the upcoming year.

W-1N Conclave Recap

You’ve been to Conclave before… but have you ever been to one outside the continental US? That’s what almost 200 Arrowmen got to experience this September at Section W-1N’s annual Conclave hosted by the Nanuk Lodge at Camp Gorsuch in Anchorage, Alaska. W-1N, boasting the nation’s largest section by area, put on this year’s event as the furthest-north section Conclave held across the nation in 2016 (and the second most northern in the Order’s history). The far-out (and far-north) location, however, proved to be only part of fun.

Prism 2016 Recap

In June of 2016 more than 1,300 arrowmen from all around the country travelled to the Summit Bechtel Reserve (SBR) in West Virginia in search of an event that would not only help them capture a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of the Order, but also as a chance to gain a taste of Jamboree 2017, which will be taking place at the same location. 8 separate, 4 day sessions provided participants with a once-in-a-lifetime Scouting experience.

2016 W-1S Conclave in Review

The 2016 Section W-1S took place in September at Antique Powerland Historical Park in Salem, Oregon. We were joined by Hunter Scott, 2016 National Chief, Trip Jackson, W-1N Chief, Kyle McCaffrey, W-1N Secretary, and Nathan Lee 2015 Western Region Chief.

Our event kicked off with an awesome opening show on Friday night featuring lodge adviser lip-sync battles and videos with members of our section singing and entertaining us all. After breakfast on Saturday morning the over 500 attendees had 55 unique training sessions to choose from. Topics like using pyrotechnics in ceremonies, preparing for a Philmont trek, and blacksmithing.

Western Region Communications and Technology Committee

The newly formed Communications and Technology Committee is a group of youth volunteers and adult advisers, along with section secretaries that choose to join the team. The goal of the committee is to engage arrowmen in the Western Region using social media and to create and deliver valuable content that is delivered on the Western Region’s website, which is in turn promoted on social media platforms to keep arrowmen informed of region events, leadership, training opportunities, and more.

The Western Region Comes Together for Annual Gathering

From October 21-23, section chiefs, advisers and staff advisers will descend upon Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center in Orange, CA for the annual Western Region Gathering.

National Leadership Seminar

The Western Region has 2 upcoming NLS training opportunities:
October 8-10 in Portland and November 10-12 in Tokyo.

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Developing Youth Leadership Conference

The Western Region has 1 upcoming DYLC training opportunity:
October 8-10 in Portland.

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Operation Arrow

Over 750 youth Arrowmen will serve on one of three primary OA program areas at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree: the Service Corps, the Trek Guides and the Indian Village.

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