NLS provides highly skilled leadership training at a location near you!

National Leadership Seminar, otherwise known as NLS, is a leadership training program organized by the Order of the Arrow and led by the region chief and his staff. Conducted over a weekend, NLS will provide you with unique opportunities to learn a variety of leadership and communication skills that will not only benefit you as an Arrowman, but also as a person.Your chapter and lodge will benefit from your enhanced leadership and communication skills because you will be able to share with them what you learned and be able to apply it to better improve their program. It is also a great opportunity to build upon the Brotherhood since it will expose you to Arrowmen from different lodges and sections all across the Region.

Having participated and staffed NLS before, I can say personally it is one of the highlights of my OA career. It opened my scouting world to the different leadership levels of the Order and helped to build lasting friendships with fellow Arrowmen. I learned many different things at NLS that allowed me to improve my lodge program; I have also been able to use those skills elsewhere, such as at work or school. I would strongly encourage you to sign up for one of the NLS trainings being offered this year as the weekend can truly bring more insight into the world of leadership and the Order of the Arrow.

Western Region NLS/NLATS ­ Cedar Glen, CA ­ April 4­-6
Western Region NLS/NLATS ­ Cimarron, NM ­ Sept. 26­-28
Western Region NLS/NLATS ­ San Francisco, CA ­ Nov. 21-­23