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There is a reason the Order of the Arrow is known as Scouting's National Honor Society; its members are elected by their units to honor those Scouts and Scouters who exemplify the very best in our programs.

Through your cheerful service and leadership at the 2011 SummitCorps event, you have once again shown yourself to be worthy of the confidence placed in you by those who believed in you at the time of your induction.

But you have done even more than that. By your commitment, your labor, your dedication, and servant leadership, you have brought honor to the Boy Scouts of America, the Order of the Arrow, and yourself.

The physical contributions you made to improving the New River Gorge National River were huge-in fact, it was the largest youth volunteer project in the history of the National Park Service.

Moreover, the donations you raised to support local charities and the good will you created in doing so have built a climate of trust, gratitude, and bonds of friendship with the people of West Virginia. This will serve as a foundation of friendship from which the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve will benefit for many years to come.

Your hard work and service have been exemplary as we launch the next 100 years of Scouting. I thank you for what you have done and for bringing honor to the Boy Scouts of America.
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