Welcome to our new website. It’s a fresh design that is mobile friendly. You can read more about how we built it and the technologies that we chose to use.

We had 3 primary goals for our new website:

  1. New responsive design
  2. High speed performance
  3. Simple Git colloboration

Here is what we ended up with.


We use a static content website builder that is blog-aware named Jekyll. It’s a funny name, but it’s super powerful. Our website is precompiled on each team member’s computer using Node + Ruby + Jekyll. This means that our site is super fast. All the web server does is serve you static files. There’s no login, no database, and nothing to hack.

We use HTML or Markdown for our website templates. This means that anyone can edit our website using a text editor. No complicated and cumbersome WYSIWYG editor.


Our website is powered by GitHub. In fact, anyone can fork our public GitHub repository. Want to help us? Just fork us and send a pull request.


Interested in learning more and helping us out? We’d love to have you join the team. Just email us at webmaster@nullwestern.oa-bsa.org