Enhanced Elangomat Kit

This kit is designed to help lodges in developing and strengthening an Extended Elangomat Program. Using the materials, lodges can improve their HPL Induction and Activation statistics by creating and maintaining an Elangomat Programing stretching from Elangomat recruitment to membership brotherhood conversion. Inside, you will find:

The Guidebook:

Gives a step-by-step guide to recruiting and training Elangomats for the Ordeal and what comes after.

Clan Communication and Contact Rosters:

Designed to keep an organized record of contact information on the candidates and your Elangomats.

Letter of Commitment and Training Letters:

Designed to give information to Elangomats on when training will be taking place and to get their buy-in.

Transfering Arrowman Email:

To be used by Lodge Advisers or Chapter Advisers to let another lodge know when a member moves into their area.

Elangomat Recognition Program:

Designed to recognize and keep a record of the work that your Elangomats have put in!



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