Section Officers

Youth Leadership
  • Section Vice Chief John-Aaron Bozanic
  • Section Secretary Jesse Jones
Section Associate Advisers
  • Section Associate Adviser Cynthia Blessum
  • Section Associate Adviser Chuck Williams


Lodge Key 3 information displayed below comes from OA LodgeMaster. If your lodge's information is outdated, please have your lodge's leadership change the Key 3 designations in OA LodgeMaster. Information will be pulled from OA LodgeMaster to the Western Region website at least monthly. If your lodge's website and/or social links need updating, please send to Western Region Administration.

Cahuilla Lodge #127

  • California Inland Empire Council #45
    Serving Southern California
  • Lodge Chief Jesse Jones
  • Lodge Adviser Jorge DeLaTorre
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Jordan McCandless
Puvunga Lodge #32

  • Long Beach Area Council #32
    Serving California
  • Lodge Chief Anthony Moreno
  • Lodge Adviser Christopher Espinoza
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Nathanael Mooberry
Wiatava Lodge #13

  • Orange County Council #39
    Serving Southern California
  • Lodge Chief John-Aaron Bozanic
  • Lodge Adviser Robert Batman
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Michael Oehmke

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