Jone Higuchi

Jone Higuchi

Section Chief

Stephen Salyards

Stephen Salyards

Section Adviser



Section Staff Adviser

Section Officers

Youth Leadership
  • Section Chief – Jone Higuchi
  • Section Vice Chief – Tucker Monaco
  • Section Secretary – TBD
Adult Advisers
  • Section Adviser – Stephen Salyards
  • Section Associate Adviser – TBD
  • Section Staff Adviser – TBD


Chumash Lodge #90

Los Padres Council #53
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Joey Massey
  • Lodge Adviser – Brian Hascall
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Glen Goddard

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Malibu Lodge #566

Western Los Angeles County Council #51
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Andreas Anderson
  • Lodge Adviser – Richard Anderson
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Andrew Sisolak

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Spe-Le-Yai Lodge #249

Verdugo Hills Council #58
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Charlie Harris
  • Lodge Adviser – Cory Nakanishi
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Pete Simpson

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Topa Topa Lodge #291

Ventura County Council #57
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Dimitri Boyd
  • Lodge Adviser – Peter Bowen
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Lee Winagura

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Tuku’Ut Lodge #252

Greater Los Angeles Area Council #33
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Aidan Cong
  • Lodge Adviser – Mike Cavalero
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Hannibol Sullivan

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Yowlumne Lodge #303

Southern Sierra Council #30
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Aiden Moore
  • Lodge Adviser – Chuck Monaco
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Randall Saunders

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Section W-4N Map

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The structure of the Order of the Arrow is changing. More information is available on the specific future of the region structure on the national site.

As of December 27th, no new content will be posted or updated on this site, and current pages and posts will serve as an archive until further notice.