Erik Carver

Erik Carver

Section Chief

Patrick O'Neill

Patrick O’Neill

Section Adviser

Charles Howard-Gibbon

Charles Howard-Gibbon

Section Staff Adviser

Section Officers

Youth Leadership
  • Section Chief – Erik Carver
  • Section Vice Chief – Aditya Sriram
  • Section Secretary – Landon Reese
Adult Advisers
  • Section Adviser – Patrick O’Neill
  • Section Associate Adviser – TBD
  • Section Staff Adviser – Charles Howard-Gibbon


Amangi Nacha Lodge #47

Golden Empire Council #47
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Evan Schilling
  • Lodge Adviser – Ronald Cowen
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Greg Anderson

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Orca Lodge #194

Redwood Empire Council #41
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Marcus Romero
  • Lodge Adviser – Brian Wills
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Charles Howard-Gibbon

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Talako Lodge #533

Marin Council #35
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Alex Perry
  • Lodge Adviser – Kenneth Moynihan
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Michael Andrews

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Tannu Lodge #346

Nevada Area Council #329
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Dylan Cooley
  • Lodge Adviser – Ross Armstrong
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Tammy Rodeback

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Yerba Buena Lodge #

Golden Gate Area Council #23
  • Service Area: California – Bay Area
  • Council Office: Pleasanton, CA
  • Council Website:
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Aditya Sriram
  • Lodge Adviser – Eric Parnell
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Jesse Barush

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Section W-3N Map

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The structure of the Order of the Arrow is changing. More information is available on the specific future of the region structure on the national site.

As of December 27th, no new content will be posted or updated on this site, and current pages and posts will serve as an archive until further notice.