Section Officers

Youth Leadership
  • Section Chief – Max Wolfe
  • Section Vice Chief – Hunter West
  • Section Secretary –
Adult Advisers
  • Section Adviser – Terrel Miller
  • Section Associate Adviser – Ken Jeppesen
  • Section Associate Adviser – Mike Kirby
  • Section Associate Adviser – Kyle Palmer
  • Section Associate Adviser – Joshua Shelhamer
  • Section Staff Adviser – Erik Merkley


Awaxaawe Awachia Lodge #535

Trapper Trails Council #589
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief David Jeppesen
  • Lodge Adviser Travis Parker
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Joshua Haacke

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El-Ku-Ta Lodge #520

Great Salt Lake Council #590
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief Coleman Hunsaker
  • Lodge Adviser Blair Hope
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Matthew Durrant

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Ma-I-Shu Lodge #363

Snake River Council #111
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief Timothy Dayley
  • Lodge Adviser Christopher Frey
  • Lodge Staff Adviser David Kirk

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Shunkah Mahneetu Lodge #407

Grand Teton Council #107
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief Isaac Davidson
  • Lodge Adviser V.Lonny Fullmer
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Samuel Kofoed

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Tu-Cubin-Noonie Lodge #508

Utah National Parks Council #591
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief Zackary Perkins
  • Lodge Adviser Thomas Otterstrom
  • Lodge Staff Adviser John Gailey

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