Section Officers

Youth Leadership
  • Section Vice Chief Ryean Hazard
  • Section Secretary Ben LeClair
Section Associate Advisers
  • Section Associate Adviser Mike Gaylord
  • Section Associate Adviser Laura Kitchings


Lodge Key 3 information displayed below comes from OA LodgeMaster. If your lodge's information is outdated, please have your lodge's leadership change the Key 3 designations in OA LodgeMaster. Information will be pulled from OA LodgeMaster to the Western Region website at least monthly. If your lodge's website and/or social links need updating, please send to Western Region Administration.

Nanuk Lodge #355

  • Great Alaska Council #610
    Serving Alaska
  • Lodge Chief Alyxander Christenson
  • Lodge Adviser Brice Alexander
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Benjamin Ormsby
Nisqually Lodge #155

  • Pacific Harbors Council #612
    Serving Southwest Washington
  • Lodge Chief Sam Taylor
  • Lodge Adviser Eugene Victor
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Steven Shumaker
Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge #338
  • Mount Baker Council #606
    Serving Northwest Washington
  • Lodge Chief Orion Green
  • Lodge Adviser Nicholas Spencer Berger
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Eric Buher
T'Kope Kwiskwis Lodge #502

  • Chief Seattle Council #609
    Serving Northwest Washington
  • Lodge Chief Lyndon Kidwell
  • Lodge Adviser John Riekena
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Scott Findlay
Toontuk Lodge #549
  • Midnight Sun Council #696
    Serving Northern Alaska
  • Lodge Chief Kieran Wright
  • Lodge Adviser Keith Lund
  • Lodge Staff Adviser Matthew Banaszewski

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