Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor

Section Chief

David Anderson

David Anderson

Section Adviser

Eric Buher

Eric Buher

Section Staff Adviser

Section Officers

Youth Leadership
  • Section Chief – Sam Taylor
  • Section Vice Chief – Ben LeClair
  • Section Secretary – Orion Green
Adult Advisers
  • Section Adviser – David Anderson
  • Section Associate Adviser – TBD
  • Section Staff Adviser – Eric Buher


Nanuk Lodge #355

Great Alaska Council #610
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Conner Kniefel
  • Lodge Adviser – Brice Alexander
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Samuel Giacalone

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Nisqually Lodge #155

Pacific Harbors Council #612
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Ethan Tice
  • Lodge Adviser – Eugene Victor
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Scott Smith

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Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge #338

Mount Baker Council #606
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Jacob Jackson
  • Lodge Adviser – Sean Connell
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Eric Buher

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T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge #502

Chief Seattle Council #609
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – Andrew Shepherd
  • Lodge Adviser – John Riekena
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – William Beaumont

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Toontuk Lodge #549

Midnight Sun Council #696
Lodge Leadership
  • Lodge Chief – James Hill
  • Lodge Adviser – Keith Lund
  • Lodge Staff Adviser – Phil Burkett

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Section W-1N Map

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The structure of the Order of the Arrow is changing. More information is available on the specific future of the region structure on the national site.

As of December 27th, no new content will be posted or updated on this site, and current pages and posts will serve as an archive until further notice.