For the past several years, the National Order of the Arrow Committee has provided matching service grants for a limited number of projects submitted by application to the national OA office. A total of $40,000 was made available for distribution for projects around the country. The evaluators considered the innovative scope and design of the project, how the project impacts a significant number of Scouts, and how the project enhances Cub Scouting or Boy Scouting in the council. View Service Grant petition forms.

Western Region National Service Grant History

2019 Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge Everett, WA
2019 Toloma Lodge Modesto, CA
2019 Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess Lodge Albuquerque, NM
2018 Es-Kaielgu Lodge Spokan, WA
2018 Chumash Lodge Santa Barbra, CA
2018 Tannu Lodge Reno, NV
2018 Wiatava Lodge Santa Ana, CA
2018 Ohlone Lodge Foster City, CA
2018 Ha-Kin-Skay-A-Ki Lodge Colorado Springs, CO
2017 Ventura County Council Camarillo, CA
2017 Trapper Trails Council Ogden, UT
2017 San Diego-Imperial Council San Diego, CA
2017 Midnight Sun Council Fairbanks, AK
2017 Conquistador Council Roswell, NM
2017 Catalina Council Tucson, AZ
2017 California Inland Empire Council Redlands, CA
2017 Black Hills Area Council Rapid City, SD
2016 Redwood Empire Council Santa Rosa, CA
2016 Golden Empire Council Sacramento, CA
2016 Mount Baker Council Everett, WA
2016 Great Alaska Council Anchorage, AK
2016 Greater Wyoming Council Casper, WY
2016 Oregon Trail Council Eugene, OR
2015 Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge Central Point, OR
2015 Wiatava Lodge Sanata Ana, CA
2015 Malibu Lodge Van Nuys, CA
2014 Papago Lodge Tucson, AZ
2014 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Salt Lake City, Utah
2014 Mic-O-Say Lodge Grand Junction, CO
2013 Wauna La-Mon’tay Lodge Portland, OR
2013 Kola Lodge Greeley, CO
2013 Ha-Kin-Skay-A-Ki Lodge Colorado Springs, CO
2013 Tah-Heetch Lodge Fresno, CA
2013 Yowlumne Lodge Bakersfield, CA
2013 Gila Lodge El Paso, TX
2011 Toloma Lodge Modesto, CA
2011 Sikhs Mox Lamonti Lodge Bellingham, WA
2011 Nisqually Lodge Tacoma, WA
2010 Kola Lodge Greeley, CO
2010 Chumash Lodge Santa Barbara, CA
2009 Achewon Nimat Lodge San Leandro, CA
2009 Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess Lodge Los Alamos, NM
2009 Es-Kaielgu Lodge Spokane, WA
2009 Awaxaawe Awachia Lodge Ogden, UT
2007 Tahosa Lodge Denver, CO
2007 Wal-La-Moot-Kin Lodge Kennewick, WA
2006 Orca Lodge Santa Rosa, CA
2006 Tupwee Gudas Gov Youchiqudt Soovep Lodge Pueblo, CO
2005 Tukarica Lodge Boise, ID
2004 Siwinis Lodge Los Angeles, CA
2004 Tiwahe Lodge San Diego, CA
2004 Tahosa Lodge Denver, CO
2004 Kola Lodge Greeley, CO
2004 Tatokainyanka Lodge Casper, WY
2003 Wiatava Lodge Costa Mesa, CA
2003 Tataliya Lodge Yakima, WA
2001 Toloma Lodge Modesto, CA
2001 Hunnikick Lodge Rancocas, NJ
2001 Papago Lodge Tucson, AZ
2001 Awaxaawe’ Awachia Lodge Ogden, UT
2000 Tsisqan Lodge Eugene, OR
2000 Topa Topa Lodge Camirillo, CA
1999 Nebagamon Lodge Las Vegas, NV