Q&A about NLS with Western Region Chief, Manué Lopez

Q: What does NLS stand for and what does that mean?

A: NLS stands for National Leadership Seminar. The seminar will enable Arrowmen to go back home and be a more effective leader within the OA and beyond. I’m region chief and I still learn something new each time we put on a seminar.

Q: Who can attend NLS?

A: Any Arrowmen can attend NLS no matter their honor level, age or position.

Q: Why should new Arrowmen or Arrowmen that aren’t heavily involved in the Order of the Arrow go to NLS?

A: One of the many reasons NLS is so great because it offers something for Arrowmen of all honor levels and involvement. A fun fact about myself is that my NLS experience, when I was a participant. actually inspired me to become the Western Region chief. There I met the 2014 Western Region Chief, Michael Kintscher, and after talking for a little bit he had convinced me to get active again in my lodge and now three years later I’m a region chief.

Q: What about the more practical “nitty gritty” tools that are taught at NLS?

A: Like I said, I was inspired to become more active in the OA at NLS. I also gained a bunch of new knowledge and skills that I’ve used during my time as Chapter, Lodge, Section and now Western Region Chief.

Q: What if you’ve already to a leadership course like NYLT or a non-scouting course? Should you still go to NLS?

A: Even if you have already gone to some sort of leadership course I can tell you that it was nothing like NLS. The seminar is an industry standard not just within the scouting world. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Q: Sounds like that we’ll be getting a bunch of useful tools at NLS. Is it just going to be a weekend of boring trainings?

A: Absolutely not. NLS is a fast paced, full steam ahead training. We integrate our trainings with interactivity and fun games that will help you bond with fellow participants and learn in a way that is engaging and helps the lessons stick.

Q: What would your one piece of advice be for someone who is going to NLS?

A: Just come prepared with an open mind and the willingness to meet new people and have a great time… That and read the packing list.