2021 OA High Adventure Scholarship Recepients

As we continue to celebrate 25 years of Order of the Arrow High Adventure, we as a committee are excited about the future of high adventure. As we look to see what the scholarship program will look like post-bankruptcy, we are excited to announce our new OAHA Coordinator who will helm this endeavor. Dirk Smelser of Section W-1S is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge. Dirk serves as the Section W-1S chief and has attended OA Trail Crew at Philmont.  We want to thank our outgoing coordinator Kyle Silligman for his dedication and oversight to the restructuring of the application and award process over the last 3 years. None of this would be possible without the advisorship of Mike Johnson who works incredibly well with your leadership and is dedicated to High Adventure.  

The Western Region would like to congratulate our 2021 recipients of High Adventure Scholarships. They were all selected for their service and dedication and what we hope they will bring back from their adventures. This year’s class is spread out across the western region and we couldn’t be happier to invest in them. They represent officers, new arrowman, first time attendees to OAHA. We thank them for the service that they have provided and look forward to seeing what they do in the future! 

  • Spencer Wells
  • Mason Kelley
  • Jack Gros
  • Carter Bohn
  • Joey Taylor
  • Christopher Habiger
  • Cassidy Christian
  • Michael Whitford
  • Sam Taylor

Throughout the next year, the committee will be working hard to promote OA high adventure, striving to engage as many arrowmen as possible withing the OAHA program. 

If you have an OAHA Story to share with us or have any questions, feel free to reach out to highadventure@western.oa-bsa.org


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