“Have you ever been to a NOAC before?”

“I have been to one previous NOAC and that was the 2015 NOAC. I can honestly say that attending NOAC was the reason that I stayed in the scouting program. I met so many new people from my lodge and they ended up encouraging me to run for a lodge vice position and that is how I got started with leadership roles in the OA. I cannot even imagine where I would be if I had not gone to NOAC 2015.”

“What was your favorite experience from your NOAC?”

“My favorite experience was probably the Gathering of Eagle Scouts that was held at NOAC. We all got two challenge coins and I gave one to a kid that I had met in a training while there and the other to a kid in my troop and just this year I got to attend his Eagle Court of Honor. It was cool to see the lasting impact that just one event can have in many lives.”

“What has been your involvement in planning this NOAC?”

“So far as planning goes I wear a couple of different hats. I am in charge with the help of national vice chairman of all the finance areas of NOAC. That includes the trading post, endowment fund, and the overall budget. I also get to plan the Western Region Gathering at NOAC.”

“What’s a Region gathering? Could you expand on that?”

“The Western Region Gathering will be a time of homecoming and a time to celebrate being from the western region. At NOAC there are so many opportunities to meet fellow Arrowmen from across all four regions and this will be an opportunity to meet people from just our region. We will play a giant group game and have time for fellowship and to truly see what makes the statement “West Is Best” true.”

“What’s the theme of this year’s NOAC?”

“The theme is Decide Your Destiny.”

“What’s the meaning of the theme and how will it tie the conference together?”

“The theme Decide Your Destiny is all about how any Arrowman at any level of our organization can make a difference. That the decisions they make today will help shape the future tomorrow. It truly is a call to action letting Arrowmen know that they do not need to have the title chief to make an impact in their lodges. How it plays into the conference can be seen in our NOAC logo. The logo is a maze and really symbolizes this concept that each day we make choices that help lead us on to the future for our next decision.”

“Why should an Arrowman go to NOAC?”

“Honestly, I love NOAC so much just because I know how big of an impact it had on me. Just the opportunity to spend a week with members from your lodge and get to know them is great. It is also a great opportunity to receive amazing training on a ton of different subjects. The shows are awesome and won’t be forgotten. All and all words just cannot describe the amazing event that NOAC is, you truly have to go to truly appreciate it.”

“What are you most looking forward to this NOAC?”

“Meeting Arrowmen from the western region as well as across the country. I’m also excited to put on the Western Region Gathering at NOAC which will definitely be the best out of all the region gatherings.”

“If a lodge would like to send more people then their original quota can they and if so how do they?”

“If a lodge has filled all their slots and still have adults and youth that want to go to NOAC please, please, please have your lodge reach out to me at chief@nullwestern.oa-bsa.org and we can help get it worked out.”