2021 OA High Adventure Scholarship Recepients

As we continue to celebrate 25 years of Order of the Arrow High Adventure, we as a committee are excited about the future of high adventure. As we look to see what the scholarship program will look like post-bankruptcy, we are excited to announce our new OAHA Coordinator who will helm this endeavor. Dirk Smelser of Section W-1S is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Lo La’Qam Geela Lodge. Dirk serves as the

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Check out Polestar!

Designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the OA’s Induction Adventure, Polestar will allow us to reorient ourselves to something that has always been there, while using technologies—new and old alike—to guide us towards that vision.

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Register for Momentum: Discover

It’s time to get back into the outdoors! Join the OA’s movement to prepare for a successful summer camp season and recommit ourselves to the joys of the great outdoors with Momentum: Discover.

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