I am very excited about the centennial anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. As a younger Arrowman, I am looking forward to what the OA has to offer in the next 100 years.

I hope to see more fun-orientated events throughout my section and region as the years progress. I am also extremely happy to be a part of my Lodge Executive Committee as the Lodge Treasurer. I hope this experience will strengthen my leadership knowledge so I can hopefully bring it to the section and region in the years to come.

I am also very excited for the 2015 National OA Conference in Michigan. Being a participant at NOAC 2012 was one of the best Scouting experiences I have ever had, and I hope to see the 100th anniversary make NOAC 2015 the greatest outings I will ever go on. I hope to be judged aside my fellow ceremonialists in my chapter for our ceremonies to learn how we can improve both individually and as a team. I am also looking forward to the great games that we play there as well, including the Founder’s Day events. Those were a lot of fun to play at 2012 NOAC.

Patch trading, though, is probably the thing I am looking toward to the most at 2015 NOAC. Getting to meet all new Arrowmen and learning about their lodges, I think, will be the greatest thing I can bring home from NOAC 2015.