The communications committee serves as the direct link from region to scouts across the West. The team is split into 4 teams that work hand in hand to carry out responsibilities. The Ambassador Program helps section with their own communication goals.

Key Leadership

Youth Leadership
  • Committee Coordinator – David James
  • Deputy Coordinator – Gavin Cho
  • Brand & Identity Team Lead – Tyler Grey
  • Content Team Lead – Christopher McCraken
  • Distribution Team Lead – Devin Hartzell
  • Technology Team Lead – Mac Richards
Adult Advisers
  • Committee Adviser – Michael Kintscher
  • Associate Adviser – Kimberly Sommers
  • Associate Adviser – Scott Smith
  • Technology Team Adviser – Mike Boggs
  • Associate Technology Team Adviser – Brian Osterhout

Committee Members

Brand & Identity Team
  • Bryce Hanson
  • Rudy Launter
Content Team
    • Avery Edmondson
    • Theo Leier
    • Vincent Despain 
Distribution Team
  • Adrian Castaneda
  • Dylan Rogers
Technology Team
  • Kyle Pearson
  • TBD

Ambassador Program

Started in 2019, the ambassador program partners a committee member with each section to help guide them in their communications team. The committee also uses LINK to distribute various resources to sections.

Strategic Plan 2019-2021

Coming Soon!