2021 Leadership

Dakota Morosi

2021 Region Chief

The region chief is the youth leader of the region elected by the section chiefs from that region at the national planning meeting. He must be under 21 years of age during the entire term of office and will serve until a successor is elected. The election is held following the election of the national chief and national vice chief.

Gary Christiansen

Region Chairman

The volunteer leader in the region is the region Order of the Arrow chairman. Appointed annually by the region director, they are responsible for administering and monitoring the program regionally, with a special emphasis placed on their role as adviser to the region chief.

Joey Quick

Region Staff Adviser & Assoc. OA Director

The region staff adviser is appointed by the region director. They represent the region director in all Order of the Arrow operations within the region. Their duties include regular communication and counsel with the region chairman and region chief.

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Leadership History

The Western Region has a long history of exceptional youth and adult leaders.
Click below to see some of our past officers.


The structure of the Order of the Arrow is changing. More information is available on the specific future of the region structure on the national site.

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