Area 4 Conclave Spotlight

Area 4 Teams Up for the 2017 Area 4 Area-Conclave

“What’s better than two section conclaves?” This is the question that was asked at one W-4N Council of Chiefs (COC) meeting in the fall of 2015.

The answer that they came up with; “One amazing combined conclave… An Area-clave.” This September, two years of planning will finally come together for the leadership of Section W-4S and Section W-4N.

Both Sections decided to team up to put the best they had to offer together and create something that is going to be a one of a kind event that celebrates the Order of the Arrow in all of Southern California. Nine lodges will come together to celebrate, compete and bond in brotherhood at the beautiful Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center (IROEC) at what they are calling an Area-clave. Participants will not just be from sunny Southern California though, Arrowmen from around the region as well as the country will be there. Special guests include the National Vice Chief of the Order of the Arrow Talon Parker, the Western Region Chief Manué Lopez and the Western Region Chairman Gary Christianson.

One of the main goals of the Area-clave is to open up the sharing of ideas like never before. Although all unified under the basic principles of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service each Section, Lodge, and Chapter is very different. In each aspect of the Arrowmen experience one Lodge might be struggling where another is excelling. While the primary purpose of this event is fun, by working with another Section, both Sections in Area 4 grew stronger, as will all Arrowmen in attendance. With more and more people becoming divided in our country, the brotherhood of cheerful service still finds new and innovative ways to bring its members together.