From July 19-28th, 40,000 scouts flew from all over the world to West Virginia to attend the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. Held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, this 10-day scouting experience is truly once-in-a-lifetime. From new faces to fantastic shows and program there was never a dull moment at the jamboree.

Like most great scouting events, the jamboree seemed to go by lightning fast. Daily wake-up was very early, as staff headed off to their program areas around the 11,400 acres of property to prep for the thousands of scouts that participate in the many unique experiences jamboree offered. Of course, this was after a quick breakfast and a much-needed caffeine fix from the dining hall. Participants would have a similar morning, waking up at the same time to collect food from the commissary and make their own breakfast followed by some much-needed patch trading.

Throughout the 10 days at the Summit, scouts and scouters from across the world had the opportunity to do all sorts of activities, ranging from whitewater rafting, zip lining, BMX, rifle shooting, rock climbing, and even robotics. With all the available program, scouts truly did “Live Scouting’s Adventure” during their stay at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

While the event is called the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, that did not stop hundreds of international scouts in attendance. From Sweden to Egypt, scouts interacted with different cultures on the daily. Even within the US there were scouts from all across the nation. Meeting people from the other side of the country was a regular occurrence whether it be during a patch trade or just passing by on the many roads.

Throughout the jamboree, special guest appearances. Appearances made by successful Eagle Scouts such as astronauts, military heroes, leaders of both the public and private sectors, and presidential cabinet members were not a rarity at this Jamboree. Even the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, delivered a speech to 40,000 of the best and brightest of today’s youth. Special Ops repelling demos, Coast Guard water rescues, fireworks, and laser shows were just some of the spectacles that happened this year at the jamboree. Throughout the jamboree, there were three shows that celebrated and looked forward to all that scouting has to offer. Scouts were also treated to performances by top line bands, including X Ambassadors and Plain White T’s.

Participants and staff alike were able to share their different experiences though the fully connected nature of the Jamboree with Summit-wide wi-fi and cell service from AT&T. The official 2017 Jamboree mobile app helped scouts get around the Summit and stay up to date on all of the latest happenings such as wait times and when events were. People from across the country who weren’t even at the Summit were able to tune into the Jamboree through social media, Snapchat also highlighted the Jamboree and had a story that people from across the country could see. While at the jamboree, everyone was posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #2017Jambo. This allowed everyone to connect with the Summit so everyone could see what it meant to #LiveScoutingsAdventure.

The 2017 National Scout Jamboree provided a unique experience for everyone that attended. Scouts in attendance will never forget the amazing activities offered, stellar arena shows, and bonds formed with fellow scouts. With great confidence and excitement, it can be said that the 2019 World Scout Jamboree and the 2021 National Scout Jamboree (both of which will be at the Summit Bechtel Reserve) are going to be incredible events. Whether you’ve been to one before or it would be your first, the jamboree experience is always improving and evolving with no two jamborees being the same.