National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar

NLATS LogoThe National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar (NLATS) is a weekend conference focusing on the skills and attributes of effective lodge advisers. It is intended primarily to enhance an adviser's knowledge of and connectivity with the OA's strategic plan, program and resources, while emphasizing personal skills that are essential to the development of effective youth leadership and ultimately the OA's service to the council.

It is recommended that participants be lodge advisers or staff advisers and those with lodge adviser potential, as approved by the local council Scout executive. Prior completion of a Lodge Leadership Development program and the National Leadership Seminar are desirable. The NLATS is an intensive experience in learning about the nature of lodge program, delivery of service to the council, and development of youth leadership necessary to both. While it is designed to be fun, the course is mentally challenging as well. Participants should be open to learning and prepared to actively engage in an invigorating weekend.

The NLATS program provides key advisers with information on such areas as:

  • The Lodge as an Integral Part of the Council
  • Key 3 Relations
  • Youth Development
  • Mentoring and Motivating Youth
  • Meeting the Needs of Youth
  • Building & Maintaining Trust and Relationships
  • Lodge Finances
  • New Member Support and Retention
  • Quality Lodge Attainment
  • Successful Lodge Operations
  • OA History and Traditions
  • Lodge Communications
  • Lodge and Chapter Workings
  • The Adviser's Proper Role
  • National and Regional BSA/OA Program Areas of Emphasis

2015 Western Region NLATS Dates

Date Location & Details Cost
November 20-22, 2015 BSA Camp Pigott, Seattle, WA
Online Registration
Required: Medical Form Part A & B
What to Bring

Don't Forget: All participants need to bring a sleeping bag and uniform to the NLATS event.

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