The National Leadership Seminar (NLS) is a weekend training program focusing on leadership development.

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2017 Western Region Chief
Manué Lopez

Manué is from the Orange County Council in Aliso Viejo, CA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Wiatava Lodge.

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The Developing Youth Leaders Conference (DYLC) focuses on the tools every adult needs to mentor and develop our outstanding youth leaders.

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Your Western Region

Scouts Helping Scouts: Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund

Brothers of the Western Region,

Hurricane Sandy caused lots of damage all across the Northeast Region, and we, as Arrowmen, feel that we need to help. In addition to homes being affected, Scout camps across the region have also suffered severe damage. Many camps are closed until further notice as it is too soon for the extent of the damage and destruction to even be assessed.
Your Regional Key 3 is calling upon individual Arrowmen, Lodges, and Sections to join us in our aggressive campaign to raise money that will be awarded to lodges to help their councils complete projects at their camps. We believe that the powerful combination of money and manpower from members of the Order of the Arrow can overcome any devastation that Sandy left behind. This money will be awarded in a process similar to the National Order of the Arrow Service Grants.
Our goal is to raise at least $20,000, and we strongly believe that we can do more if everyone helps in some way. Please see the attachment for details on how you can play a part and join us in our campaign.
We are calling it Scouts Helping Scouts, because that's what we are all about.
Yours In Service,
Eric Bush, Mark Chilutti and Brian Gray
North East Region Chief, Chairman and Staff Adviser

Project 2013

Have you signed up for Project 2013 yet!?!?!?

Project 2013 is the Order of the Arrow Staff for National Jamboree 2013, and promises to be the largest set of staff the Order has provided for a Jamboree in it's history! With a predicted 700 people attending the Jamboree on OA staff, it is going to be a BIG deal. 

So why should you sign up for Project 2013? It's Simple! The Project 2013 Corps offers several opportunities to arrowmen, including Jamboree Trek Guide, The OA Service Corps, and the Day of Service Guides. In addition to providing cheerful service at these staff positions, Project 2013 Corps members will be able to participate in evening recreation, visit jamboree program areas, staff the jamboree arena shows, and meet Arrowmen from around the country!

To participate, all you need is to be between the ages of 16 and 21 at the time of the Jamboree, be physically fit, and get the approval of your Lodge Adviser.

If you are interested in participating in this amazing event with all of the Arrowmen from around the nation, visit the Project 2013 Website and sign up today! Space is limited and the registration is almost closed. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to serve as the first staff of the Bechtel Summit! 

And remember, WEST IS BEST!

Lodge Charter

It's that time of year again! The 2013 Lodge Charter Renewal Application is now available online from the Western Region Resources for Lodges section. Directions on how to use the 2013 Lodge Charter Renewal Application are a part of the Lodge Charter Renewal Kit mailed out to Lodges and can also be found online.

Remember you need to fill this out and submit electronically, as well as print and send with signatures and check.

We strongly suggest you get your Charter started today. Every year several lodges wait until December 15th (or later) and then discover the council office is closed until after the 1st of the year. As a result neither a signature nor a check can be secured and remember, checks often take two weeks (or more) to process from the time they are requested. Don't delay!

Let's see to it that all of the Western Region lodges submit their paperwork before the other regions and make sure they remember that WEST IS BEST!

Western Region's Journey to Excellence Guidebook

Brothers of the Western Region,WestIsBest

In concurrence with the change from Quality Lodge to Journey to Excellence, the Western Region started an initiative to create a guidebook to help our lodges in the West to successfully navigate the waters of the daunting JTE requirements.

A regional committee, chaired by Section W6W chief Sam Bellomy, set out to develop a guidebook that will specifically aid the lodges of the West, which we know are much different from the rest of the nation. We understand that the lodges of the West have different issues and concerns than the lodges of the other regions, and therefore wanted to create a replacement for the Western Region's Quality Lodge Handbook.

I am proud to announce the completion of this initiative, and the release of the new guidebook!

The First Edition of the Western Region Journey to Excellence Guidebook and the Western Region Backdating Calendar is available now.

 The Guidebook and calendar will hopefully be helpful to your lodges as you begin your planning for next year and in the future.

Sam Bellomy, Mike Bliss, the Region Committee, and myself are all proud to bring you these documents. As well, while you are using these documents, please send us any questions, comments, or revisions. You may send those straight to Sam Bellomy,

Thank you all for your dedication to our Order and to the Arrowmen of the best Region! We hope these resources are helpful, and any feedback is welcomed!

Chiefs, Lodge Advisers, and Staff Advisers: Please distribute to your Lodge Chiefs, LECs, Section, etc. We need your help in spreading our new resources!

Remember, West is always Best!

Yours in Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service,

Joe Barton
2012 WR Chief

Sam Bellomy
WR JTE Chairman

Mike Bliss
WR Chairman

National Order of the Arrow Strategic Plan

This past May the National Council of Chiefs created the new strategic plan for our Order from 2013 to 2017. If you are interested in the new plan of the OA, click on the attachment below.

Welcome To Our New Site!

Welcome to the New Western Region Website!

The web team has worked long hours to put this new site together, and I would like to personally thank Mr. Rob Rosamond for all the hard work he has put into the new website. Without his help, this site could not have been launched.

The web team has made this site with the completey new Joomla! program and new servers with the goal of creating an easily navigatable wesbsite for everyone from new Arrowmen to Section Chiefs. Some major improvements have been made to the site, including, but not limited to, the Calendar page, the Resources page, and the social media quick links on the right. We are still working on making this site the best it has ever been, and we would like your input on how to get it right! If you have any recommendations or comments on the new site please send them to me using the link below.

Thank you for your input and we hope you enjoy the new site!

Don't forget to EMAIL US!!!

Yours in the WWW,

Zackary Crosley
Western Region Webmaster

Mustang Newsletter

The Western Region Mustang is the official newsletter publication of the Western Region Order of the Arrow for lodge, section, and region leadership. Recent issues are available online.


These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Visit Adobe's website to download the free software.

The Mustang is made possible by Editor Ryan Jones and Adviser Bruce Mayfield. If you have an article or picture with a caption to submit, please send it to the editor.

Philmont OA Adviser Training Conference

Philmont Logo

Philmont Training Center
Cimarron, New Mexico
June 16-22, 2013

Who can attend?

Any currently registered adult member of the OA, including professional Scouters, can attend the Conference and enjoy the many benefits of Philmont.

What is the cost to attend the Conference?

The fee for attendees at the 2013 Philmont OA Adviser Conference (PTC) is $495.00.  Spouses and/or children can attend Philmont with a PTC participant for a reduced fee, and the exact reduced fee will be specified in October.  Starting around September 1, 2012, people can register and pay for the 2013 Philmont OA Adviser Conference under "event registration" after logging into  Conference slots will fill quickly.  Please contact Michael Thompson (, National OA Committee member, for additional information in this regard.

How will you benefit from attending the 2013 Philmont OA Adviser Conference?

The Conference is tailored to address the specific needs of the participants, to share information from successful lodges across the Nation, and to discuss possible solutions to some of the common challenges faced by many chapters and lodges.  Our goals are to challenge, educate and inspire the participants and staff!  Some of the topics that may be covered at the Conference include how to improve membership retention, the effective techniques of Lodge and Chapter communications, helpful insight regarding the Quality Lodge Recognition program, proven techniques to improve Brotherhood conversion, and other subject matter as requested by the participants.  Yes, participant input will have a large impact on what is discussed during the week, as we will strive to exceed the expectations of everyone in attendance!

The following is a participant testimonial regarding the many benefits of attending the Philmont OA Adviser Conference

2009 Conference participant Bob Rooney of the Grand Canyon Council and Wipala Wiki Lodge said, "The Conference was very informative and the free flow of ideas helped everyone, from the newest OA member to the most experienced participant."  Bob Rooney concluded, "The instructors and staff at Philmont were great!  Their help and guidance, along with their sense of humor, made the Philmont OA Adviser Conference a very rich experience."

In addition to sharing time with participants and staff, what other opportunities are available?

While at the Philmont Training Center, participants and their families will have several opportunities to experience the many extracurricular activities that are available at both the Philmont Scout Ranch and surrounding areas.  Every evening and all day Wednesday, participants and their families will be able to enjoy many activities, some of which may include hiking, fishing, horseback ridding, pottery-making demonstrations, museum visits, a Buffalo Barbeque on the Greensward, a Western Night of dance and games, and shopping in Cimarron and nearby towns.

How can I obtain additional information about the 2013 Philmont OA Adviser Conference?

Contact Michael Thompson (, visit the National page at or download the promotional flyer below as soon as possible, as slots will fill quickly.

National Leadership Seminar

The Western Region has 2 upcoming NLS training opportunities:
October 8-10 in Portland and November 10-12 in Tokyo.

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Developing Youth Leadership Conference

The Western Region has 1 upcoming DYLC training opportunity:
October 8-10 in Portland.

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