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2017 Western Region Chief
Manué Lopez

Manué is from the Orange County Council in Aliso Viejo, CA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Wiatava Lodge.

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Manti-La-Sal and George Washington-Jefferson Exceed Expectations

Posted: July 2, 2008

<img src=images/ac5memberpatch.jpg width=135 height=135 align=right style=padding-left:5px;padding-bottom:5px> ArrowCorps5 is over half complete, and thus far it has been a resounding success. The last two sites, Manti-La Sal in Utah and George Washington-Jefferson in Virginia, both exceeded expectations. Work in Utah consisted of clearing Tamarisk, an invasive tree, out of the most beautiful southwestern canyons imaginable. Buckhorn Wash, the focus of the project, was completely cleared and all together nearly 13,000 acres were cleared of Tamarisk. The majority of the projects in Virginia involved trail construction and restoration, and the Forest Service announced that it was naming a 19-mile loop of trail the ArrowCorps Trail in our honor. One of the other projects in Virginia involved building campsites, which were in use before participants even left the forest.

All three completed sites have been life-changing experiences for many, and everyone has had a great time. The upcoming two sites, Shasta-Trinity and Bridger-Teton (both in the West!), will exceed this tradition of success. We hope to see you there!

For more information on ArrowCorps5, click here.

Missouri to Utah - ArrowCorps5 begins work at Manti-La-Sal

<img src=images/ac5marktwain4.jpg width=135 height=125 align=left style=padding-right:5px>The Order of the Arrow just completed the first of the ArrowCorps5 projects this summer at the Mark Twain National Forest in Missouri. The site was a huge success; it exceeded expectations by clearing over 110 acres of the invasive cedar trees. Although the majority of the participants hailed from other regions, the West was represented by members of the InstructorsCorps (the crack team of Philmont staff traveling to every site) as well as a few staff and participants.

The Manti-La-Sal project in Utah, the first in the West, is off and rolling. The Western Region is well represented in Utah, and further updates will follow. If Mark Twain is any indication, anyone who is lucky enough to participate in an ArrowCorps5 site this summer will be in for the experience of a lifetime.

For more information on ArrowCorps5, <a href=>click here</a>.

Photos from ArrowCorps5 - Mark Twain

<img src=’images/ac5marktwain.jpg’ width=133 height=145 align=right>Tomorrow marks the completion of the first

of five week-long service projects held at several

national forests this summer. All together, work at

these five sites comprise ArrowCorps5 (pronounced Arrow

Corps Five), the Order of the Arrow’s largest service

project since World War II. With only hours remaining at

the site in the Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri,

Arrowmen finish up a week of conservation work, removing

invasive Red cedar from glade regions and restoring up

to 150 acres of native grass areas.

Arrowmen will be participating in similar conservation

work in the forests at Manti-La Sal, Utah June 14-21;

George Washington-Jefferson, Virginia June 21-28;

Shasta-Trinity, California July 12-19; and Bridger-

Teton, Wyoming July 26-August 2. By the end of the

summer, volunteers will have contributed an estimated

250,000 man-hours to the conservation of our nation’s


Photos from the Mark Twain, Missouri site are now

available for viewing in the Photo Gallery. Additional photos may

be added as they become available. Photos 16-84 are courtesy of the USDA Forest Service.

For more information on ArrowCorps5, click here.

Silver Antelope Awarded

<img src=images/silver_antelope_award.jpg width=133 height=134 align=left>Arrowmen Judy Kay Wadford, Dennis Downing, and Mike Perkins were awarded the Silver Antelope for unselfish service and dedication to Scouting in May, 2008. They belong to a distinguished group of 11 volunteer Scouters from across the region.

Wadford is a member of <a href=sections/?lodge=10>Wipala Wiki Lodge</a> in the Grand Canyon Council, Arizona. She will serve as the Office Manager/Trading Post Manager for the Shasta-Trinity project at <a href=>ArrowCorps5</a> this summer.

Downing and Perkins both have extensive OA backgrounds and have been recognized with the Distinguished Service Award (DSA). They have served as Lodge and Section Advisers in Western Region and have staffed many National Order of the Arrow Conferences (NOAC) and National Leadership Seminars (NLS). Like Wadford, Perkins will be serving as a member of the Staff for ArrowCorps5 at Manti-La Sal National Forest.

Updated NLS/NLATS Location and Interactive Registration Form

<img src=images/nls_form.jpg style=padding-left: 5px; align=right border=0 height=100 width=133><p>The location for the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) scheduled for November 14-16, 2008 will be held at the Coast Guard Station at Alameda. As Coast Guard Island is an active military base, all staff and participants must be pre-registered and bring some form of photo identification (driver’s license, student ID). All drivers are required to provide registration and proof of insurance to enter the base.</p>

Additionally, the Western Region has added a new National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar (NLATS) program, contingent on minimum registration goals, to coincide with the same NLS program in November.

The registration form for NLS/NLATS is now interactive to help make the registration process even easier for participants. This means that participants can now type their information directly into the form before printing. All entry fields are highlighted for ease of visibility, and, since it's digital, participants can save a copy of the form on their computer to print later if needed.

To learn more about the National Leadership Seminar, click here.
To learn more about the National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar, click here.

Photos from Philmont National Leadership Seminar

Photos from the recent National Leadership Seminar that took place March 14-16, 2008 at Philmont are now now online in our <a href=>Photo Gallery</a>. We have also moved the photos from the December 2007 National Planning Meeting that were on the meeting’s mini-site to the Photo Gallery as well.

E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and National Service Award Recipients

The recognitions subcommittee of the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow is pleased to announce the selection of two lodges in the Western Region for the <a href=program/awards/eugcamping.php>E. Urner Goodman Camping Award</a>. The award was established as a tribute and testimonial to the Order’s founder, E. Urner Goodman. The lodges being recognized for their 2007 accomplishments are:

  • Cahuilla Lodge, California Inland Empire Council #45, Redlands, CA
  • Wipala Wiki Lodge, Grand Canyon Council #10, Phoenix, AZ

The recognitions subcommittee of the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow is also pleased to announce the selection of two lodges in the Western Region for the <a href=program/awards/natservice.php>National Service Award</a>. The award was established in 1999 to recognize lodges in each region that have performed outstanding service, both in a qualitative and quantitative sense, to their councils. The lodges being recognized for their 2007 accomplishments are:

  • Shunkah Mahneetu Lodge, Grand Teton Council #107, Idaho Falls, ID
  • Wiatava Lodge, Orange County Council #39, Santa Ana, CA

To view all of the recipients, visit the <a href=>E. Urner Goodman Camping Award</a> and <a href=>National Service Award</a> pages on the National Order of the Arrow website.

2009 National Order of the Arrow Conference

The National Committee is proud to announce that the 2009 <a href=program/events/noac.php>NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference)</a> will be held at Indiana University from August 1-6 2009.

2008 NLS/NLATS Registration Form Now Available

<img src=images/nlsn_lats_form.jpg style=padding-left: 5px; align=right border=0 height=100 width=133>The following are the dates for the <a href=program/training/nls.php>National Leadership Seminar (NLS)</a> and <a href=program/training/nlats.php>National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar (NLATS)</a> programs in 2008:

<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>

<td width=150>March 14-16, 2008 Philmont Scout Ranch (NLS & NLATS) April 11-13, 2008 Hawaii (NLS) October 10-12, 2008 Lost Valley (NLS & NLATS) November 14-16, 2008 Camp Bothin (NLS)

Registration is now open to all arrowmen, invitation is not needed, you only need approval from your lodge. The <a href=program/training/nls.php#form>registration form</a> for any of the the above training weekends is now available for download.

To learn more about the National Leadership Seminar, <a href=program/training/nls.php>click here</a>.
To learn more about the National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar, <a href=program/training/nlats.php>click here</a>.

New Chiefly Speaking Posted

Mark Hendricks, the 2008 Western Region Chief, has posted a <a href=leadership/chief/chieflyspeaking.php>Chiefly Speaking</a> article for January. Hear what the the Chief has to say. We have many exciting opportunities in our Region and across the nation this year.

National Leadership Seminar

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Operation Arrow

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