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2017 Western Region Chief
Manué Lopez

Manué is from the Orange County Council in Aliso Viejo, CA. He is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Wiatava Lodge.

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Spring 2009 Mustang Newsletter Available

Posted: April 6, 2009 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src= width=150 height=144 align=left style=padding-right:3px;padding-bottom:3px> The Spring 2009 Mustang newsletter is now available! The Mustang is the Western Region’s official newsletter publication for lodge, section, and region leadership. Download the latest as well as past issues from the <a href=>Mustang resources page</a>.

E. Urner Goodman Camping Award and National Service Award Recipients

Posted: March 3, 2009 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src= width=150 height=151 align=right style=padding-left:3px;padding-bottom:5px> The recognitions subcommittee of the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow is pleased to announce the selection of two lodges in the Western Region for the <a href=program/awards/eugcamping.php>E. Urner Goodman Camping Award</a>. The award was established as a tribute and testimonial to the Order’s founder, E. Urner Goodman. The lodges being recognized for their 2008 accomplishments are:

  • <a href=/sections/?lodge=697>Tsisqan Lodge</a>, Oregon Trail Council #697, Eugene, OR
  • <a href=/sections/?lodge=41>Orca Lodge</a>, Redwood Empire Council #41, Santa Rosa, CA

The recognitions subcommittee of the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow is also pleased to announce the selection of two lodges in the Western Region for the <a href=program/awards/natservice.php>National Service Award</a>. The award was established in 1999 to recognize lodges in each region that have performed outstanding service, both in a qualitative and quantitative sense, to their councils. The lodges being recognized for their 2008 accomplishments are:

  • <a href=/sections/?lodge=39>Wiatava Lodge</a>, Orange County Council #39, Costa Mesa, CA
  • <a href=/sections/?lodge=41>Orca Lodge</a>, Redwood Empire Council #41, Santa Rosa, CA

To view all of the recipients, visit the <a href=>E. Urner Goodman Camping Award</a> and <a href=>National Service Award</a> pages on the National Order of the Arrow website.

2009 Western Region NOAC Patches Now Available

Posted: February 21, 2009 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src= width=150 height=168 align=left style=padding-right:3px;padding-bottom:3px> The 2009 Western Region NOAC Patches are now available for purchase at the Western Region Trading Post. Get yours today and show off your Western Region pride!

The 2009 Western Region NOAC Patch was designed last fall during the first ever Region Council of Chiefs. For more information on the design selection, visit our <a href=>archived story</a>.

The Western Region Trading Post is located at <a href=></a>.

Loder Honored with Lifetime Acheivement Award

Posted: February 20, 2009 by Evan Michael Hess

<img src=images/Del_Loder.jpg width=150 height=187 align=right style=padding-left:4px;padding-bottom:4px> The Western Region is proud to announce that Del Loder will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the National Order of the Arrow Conference in August 2009. The National Committee describes the award as that which is intended to recognize only those extraordinary Arrowmen who have deeply influenced and significantly contributed to the vision, direction, and growth of the Order of the Arrow, faithfully demonstrated a lifetime of servant leadership, and, through their daily example, illuminated and reinforced the significance of the values found in the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

The requirements for the award are few, but arduous. A nominee must be a Vigil Honor member who has been recognized with the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) and has continued service to the organization on the national, regional or sectional level since receiving the DSA. In addition, the nominee must have been a member of the Order for no less than 25 years. The only the recipients of the award, to date, are Thomas McBride (PA), Carl M. Marchetti, M.D. (NJ), and Dabney Kennedy (TX).

Del Loder’s Scouting career and OA history are lengthy and distinguished.

In May 1948, Del Loder met E. Urner Goodman. A teenager at the time, Loder’s Scouting career would begin to flourish when the young Scouter came to Seattle. Del decided that he wanted to meet Goodman to learn how the man went about organizing the first Jamboree. After 19 year-old Loder received the answers he sought, Goodman asked him a life-changing question. Goodman inquired about Loder’s knowledge regarding the Order of the Arrow. Goodman walked Del through the Ordeal and Brotherhood process including his Vigil on the Devil’s Tea Table. That was my beginning, said Loder.

Del was very interested in the election process. He brought the idea back to his Scout troop. After four to five years, the OA took foot in his council. The first members of the lodge were members of the pre-existing Camp Honorary Society. In 1954, the first members were inducted into the Order following the ceremony outlined by Goodman. Del, a Scoutmaster at the time, made sure that his Scout Troop was registered for the first week of camp when OA began in his council. Members of the camp staff came to Del and made inquiry about holding an OA election. The first member of the OA in his council came from his unit that summer. He was inducted July 3, 1954.

The first meeting of the lodge was in December 1954, where the first officers and lodge name were selected. Del started as Adviser to the Historian, later becoming the Adviser of the Brotherhood Committee. Del was very active and knew how very significant the Order was in the lives of scouts. Del underwent the Brotherhood ceremony in 1955.

In 1956, his Lodge’s Adviser was appointed to the National Committee, thus creating a void that needed filling. Loder’s Scout Executive asked him to take over, but he turned it down. Del’s commitment was to his Scout Troop, and he made it clear to his scout executive that he wished to continue service to his troop. In July 1958, Del was recognized with the Vigil Honor. Nearly 10 years and multiple requests to be Lodge Adviser later, Del took over the role of Lodge Adviser in 1965, where he served for 10 years. Meanwhile, Del attended the National Conference in Bloomington, Indiana where he realized that, though his lodge was in great shape, there were some problems. He instituted an effective training program for his youth lodge leaders and ensured that all his leaders knew the ins and outs of the OA.

Del later served as Associate Adviser for his section from 1971-73, and served as Section Adviser thereafter.

In August of 1973 Del was appointed to serve the National Council on the OA Committee by the BSA President. Del was surprised that he was appointed (a testament to his character). At the first meeting, Del was asked to become the Chairman of Ceremonies for the OA. Del, always having been interested in OA ceremonies, was thrilled to take on that position. As a member of the National Committee, Del inherited what he deemed to be a group of dedicated thinkers for ceremonies (the ceremonial advisery group). Del’s committee solved a great many of the problems in ceremonies that existed at that time. In 1975, Del was recognized for his unselfish service to the Order with the Distinguished Service Award. Meanwhile, Del served as the Western Region Area 1 Adviser concurrently with the National Committee. Del left the Ceremonies Committee in 1981 to become the Western Region Chairman. He loved the position and the people with whom he worked, said Loder. I traveled everywhere, and loved every minute.

Leadership and training has always been a passion for Del. In 1975, Del was concerned that there was no existing national OA Training program for lodge officers and advisers so he convinced the National Committee to re-institute the National Training Course and to create a new and improved training program (Brad Haddock spearheaded the effort as National Chief, while he was chief). In 1979, the program was functioning; the National and Region Chiefs would meet with Del to go over the draft and plan, which Del ensured was enforced. This program developed into the National Leadership Seminar, and later the Lodge Leadership Development program. Not yet done with his service, Del then assisted in the reformation of NLS and the creation of NLATS.

Upon suffering a heart attack in 1989, he was appointed to the Founder’s Council by then National Chairman Marchetti. He served on the Council for two years, after which he was appointed National Vice Chairman of Lodge operations in 1993. This was also the first time he served the OA at a National Jamboree. Del returned to the Founder’s Council as Chair of the Goodman Society one year later, and serves there presently.

Of the great many highlights in his career, Del was given the opportunity to work with Goodman on the Ceremonies Committee during the last 10 years of Goodman’s life.

In addition to his extensive list of accomplishments, Del noted that he has worked with OA Shows at the last three national jamborees, worked on the OA training program where he has trained three of the four regions in the NLATS program for the last few years.

Del Loder has attended almost every National Conference since 1959, making a total of more than 28 National Events.

For more information on the Lifetime Achievement Award, and other national awards, please visit the National Order of the Arrow website at <a href=></a>.

2009 Quality Lodge Planbook and Pocketbook Now Available

Posted: February 6, 2009 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src=images/2009qualitylodge.jpg width=140 height=169 align=left style=padding-right:18px;padding-bottom:40px> The 2009 Western Region Quality Lodge Assistance Planbook and 2009 Western Region Quality Lodge Assistance Pocketbook are now available for immediate download.

The planbook is designed as a tool for lodges, officers, and advisers of all levels to better understand and plan for becoming a National Quality Lodge. Whether you are a new officer trying to help your lodge complete the requirements for the first time, or a seasoned adviser looking for new ways to continue your lodge’s streak of Quality Lodge awards, the planbook below can help.

The 2009 Quality Lodge Assistance Pocketbook is also available. It is a 1/4 size condensed version of the planbook designed for officers and advisers to conveniently carry with them.

Get both from the <a href=resources/qualitylodge>Quality Lodge Resources</a> page.

Western Region Section Chiefs Take Leadership of NOAC Planning

Posted: February 6, 2009 by Mark Hendricks

<img src=images/2009noac_power.jpg width=200 height=261 align=right style=padding-left:22px;padding-bottom:40px>

Last month section chiefs and key NOAC staff from across the nation descended on Dallas, Texas to kick-start the planning and preparation for this summer’s conference. To facilitate this process NOAC planning was delegated to eleven committees, each responsible for a specific aspect of the conference (much like a conclave is normally planned by various committees). To provide leadership to the committees, eleven section chiefs were elected to serve as conference vice chiefs. Five of the 2009 conference vice chiefs hail from the Western Region:

  • Jack Chinn, Training
  • Dylan Ellsworth, Chiefs Corps
  • Freddy Gross, Outdoor Adventure
  • Jake Knudsen, The Experience
  • Robert Lukoviak, Founder’s Day

Serving as a CVC for a national conference is a tremendous honor, but also comes with significant responsibility and service. More than 7,000 Arrowmen are expected to travel from all around the world to attend the conference in Indiana this summer, and all come with high expectations. These CVCs, along with all of the other Western Region section chiefs who took on key roles within the eleven committees, are tasked with delivering a quality experience for every NOAC participant.

We would like to congratulate the five Western Region section chiefs who were elected to lead a committee, and wish the best of luck to all of the Western Region section chiefs as you provide leadership to one of the largest, most anticipated events in the history of the Order.


Jack Chinn is the Section Chief of W-4N and is a member of Topa Topa Lodge of the Ventura County Council #57. He has attended NLS, NOAC, OA Ocean Adventure, OA Trail Crew, and ArrowCorps5. His service to the Order has included offices such as chapter chief, lodge chief, and section vice chief. Jack Hails from Simi Valley, CA, and studies Fire Technology at Oxnard College.

Dylan Ellsworth is the Section Chief of W-2N and a Vigil Honor recipient from Shunkah Mahneetu Lodge of the Grand Teton Council #107. Dylan has attended NLS and ArrowCorps5 and has served as lodge chief. He hails from Idaho Falls, ID, and attends Skyline High School.

Freddy Gross is the Section Chief of W-6E and a Vigil Honor recipient of Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess Lodge of the Great Southwest Council #412. He has attended OA Trail Crew, NLS, and has served as chapter chief, lodge vice chief, lodge chief, and section vice chief. Fred hails from Santa Fe, NM and studies outdoor leadership at Western State College of Colorado.

Jake Knudsen is the Section Chief from W-3N and is a Vigil Honor recipient from Tannu Lodge of the Nevada Area Council #329. Jake has attended NLS, OA Trail Crew, OA Wilderness Voyage, and NOAC. He has served as chapter chief, lodge chief, section vice chief, and region high adventure coordinator. Jake hails from Reno, NV where he studies finance at University of Nevada-Reno.

Robert Lukowiak is the Section Chief of W-6W and is a Vigil Honor recipient from Wipala Wiki Lodge of Grand Canyon Council. Robert has attended NOAC and has previously served as lodge vice chief and chapter chief. He hails from Peoria, AZ and attends Arizona State University where he studies theater and acting.

Meet the Chief - David Harrell

Posted: January 4, 2009 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src=images/meetthechief.jpg width=200 height=137 align=right style=padding-left:4px;padding-bottom:4px> Have you ever wondered what flavor of ice cream the Region Chief prefers? Want to know what his most unusual Scouting experience is, or his career aspirations? How about embarrassing moments? Well, the Western Region Web Team has obtained an exclusive interview with the new Region Chief, David Harrell.

Check out the new <a href=>Meet the Chief</a> page and get to know our new Region Chief!

2008 National Officer Report Available

Posted: January 2, 2009 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src=images/2008finalreport.jpg width=114 height=150 align=left style=padding-right:4px;padding-bottom:4px> The <a href=downloads/2008_Final_Report.pdf>2008 National Officer Report</a> is now available for download.

The report is an overview of the events and activities in which the national officers have taken part, their suggestions for improving the Order in the years to come, and how they have made a positive impact across the nation during the past year.

2009 Western Region Chief Elected

<img src=images/DaveHarrell.jpg width=120 height=133 align=right style=padding-left:5px> David Harrell was elected 2009 Order of the Arrow Western Region Chief at the 2008 National Planning Meeting in Dallas, TX.

David Harrell hails from Fort Collins, Colorado and is a member of the Kola Lodge, Longs Peak Council. David is a first time section chief from W-5 at the age of 19. He is studying business with a minor in economics at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. We are confident that he will server the Order well.

2009 National Vice-Chief Elected

<img src=images/DanHigham.jpg width=120 height=122 align=right style=padding-left:5px> Dan Higham was elected 2009 Order of the Arrow National Vice-Chief at the 2008 National Planning Meeting in Dallas, TX.

Dan Higham hails from Binghamton, New York, and is a member of the Otahnagon Lodge, Baden Powell Council. He is a two term section chief from the Northeast Region. Dan was the program chief for the Shasta-Trinity project this summer for ArrowCorps5. We are confident that he will serve the Order well.

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