Zackary Crosley

Section Chief


What Lodge and Chapter are you from? Iowac Chapter, Ut-In Selica Lodge
What is your current BSA Registration? Mount Diablo Silverado Council
What OA Honor are you? Brotherhood
What Boy Scout Rank are you? Eagle
What OA positions have you held? Chapter Vice Chief, Lodge Vice Chief, CVC of Registration, Western Region Webmaster, Section Vice Chief, Section Chief
What is your favorite Scouting memory? Hanging out with friends at Section W-1E, W-5S, W-6W, W-3S, and W-3N Conclaves and Jamboree 2013 and NOAC 2012.
What school do you attend? Los Medanos College
What college major/degree? Software Engineering
What is your current career or career aspiration? Project Manager for robotic and software automation.
What other groups, sports, or clubs do you belong to? LMC Honors Program, FIRST
What is your biggest pet peeve? Hearing People Chew
What is your favorite movie The Dark Knight
What is your favorite song? Most Everything Taylor Swift
Favorite ice cream? Cookie Dough

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