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2016 Western Region Chief

SummitCorps Informational Video

Below is an informational video for SummitCorps. It includes views of the site we will be working on, as well as some of the recreational opportunities that will be available once all of the work is over.

Breaking News on SummitCorps


SummitCorps Information Posted and Participant Registration Now Open!

Attention SummitCorps contingent leaders and participants! The 2011 SummitCorps Contingent Leader and Participant Guide is now posted on the National OA Events website. This Guide contains all the important information that you need to know before attending the 2011 SummitCorps including medical information, transportation, administrative items, and a personal needs list.

Also, individual registration is now available through the OA Registration website. All participants are encouraged to register online as part of their lodge contingent by May 1, 2011. Final payment for participation is due by May 1, 2011. Lodge contingents are asked to submit the final fees using the transmittal found in the contingent leader section of the registration website.

There are still spots available! The caps originally in place for lodge participation were lifted earlier this year. There are over 400 spots still available for SummitCorps. Spread the word to encourage others to join us in West Virginia this summer for any of the four weeks!

Finally, over the upcoming months, we will share additional information with you on the project, recreation activities and program through News You Can Use. We look forward to seeing you at SummitCorps!

Yours in Service,
Mike Bliss
Region Chairman

Winter 2011 Mustang is now available!

The Winter 2011 Mustang newsletter is now available! The Mustang is the Western Region’s official newsletter publication for lodge, section, and region leadership. Download the latest as well as past issues from the Mustang resources page. This issue focuses on OA High Adventure and SummitCorps, as well as the introduction of our 2011 Western Region Chief Joe Garcia and our new National Officers.

2011 Western Region Update


Linked below is a Region update. It is long but full of very important information for your Lodge and Section. It is being sent to all Section and Lodge Key Threes as well as the Western Region OA committee. It is also being sent separately to our Area Directors and Scout Executives. You can click here to access a copy of the Region update. Please share it!

Yours in Service,
Mike Bliss
Region Chairman

Service at SummitCorps

The summer of 2008 was by far the most fun I have had in one summer so far in my life. This was not because I made the transition from a high school student to a college student, it was not because I turned eighteen, it was because of the amazing experience I had at the Shasta-Trinity site of ArrowCorps5.

I never intended to attend ArrowCorps5. I sat through Chapter meeting after Chapter meeting ignoring the urgings of our contingent leader that I ought to attend. It was only after a member unfortunately dropped out of our Lodge contingent two months before the event that I decided to attend ArrowCorps5. I was glad I did.

National events such as ArrowCorps5 and SummitCorps give us as Arrowmen the wonderful opportunity to be able to serve in capacities that we normally would not be able to in our day-to-day routine. The average person does not have the opportunity to wander around beautiful forests and make those wonderful groves of trees accessible for more people to enjoy.

SummitCorps gives us the opportunity to do this to the New River Gorge National River. This is your one opportunity to be able to partake of the joys of service in this fashion on this land. I encourage each and every Arrowman to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. For more information on SummitCorps (and Indian Summer), please read the new message from our National Chief and National Vice Chief.

Yours in Service,
Michael Millerick
2010 Section W3N Secretary

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