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2015 Western Region Chief

2014 National Officers

The results are in! The 2014 National Officer Elections at Dallas have concluded and we have the names of the youth leaders for this year! 

The 2014 Western Region Chief is Michael Kintscher, a Vigil Member of Ut-In Selica Lodge from Section W-3N. Michael has served two terms as the Section Chief and a term as Lodge Chief and has been on NLS Staff for the past two years.

The 2014 National Chief is one of our own; Nick Dannemiller, a Western Region Section Chief from Section W-1S in Oregon. Nick served last year as the JVC of Trek Guides at Project 2013. 

The 2014 National Vice Chief is Taylor Bobrow. Taylor was the Section Chief of Section SR-7A in Virginia and a past Lodge Chief of Blue Heron Lodge. 

The 2014 Northeast Region Chief is Kyle Piper from Section NE-3A

The 2014 Central Region Chief is Ricky Angeletti from Marnoc Lodge, Section C-4A

The 2014 Southern Region Chief is Wesley Seaman from Section SR-8

2014 Western Region Chief and Chairman

Introducing your 2014 Western Region Chief: Michael Kintscher! Michael is a Vigil Member of the Ut-In Selica Lodge in Section W-3N.

Joining Michael this year is Toby Capps, our new Western Region Chairman! Toby is from Seattle, Washington in Section W-1N.

Fall 2013 Mustang Now Available

Newly redesigned and full of the latest information from across the Region and National, the Fall Edition of the 2013 Mustang has just been released! Whether you want to gain useful information on ideas to better your Lodge or Chapter or are just looking for an interesting read on the latest Order of the Arrow news, the Mustang is one of the best resources you can find! Download now by clicking on the below attachment.

Download this file (Fall 2013 Final (Web).pdf)Mustang Volume XV Issue 11224 kB

Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund


The recent earthquake and super typhoon in the Philippines have claimed the lives of untold thousands of people, and left millions homeless and without the most basic human needs of potable water, food and shelter.

In an effort to help our brothers in need, the Shanghei Chapter of Gamenowwinink Lodge has begun an ambitious campaign to raise at least $10,000 to be given to the BSA’s chosen charity in this crisis, ShelterBox. Every dollar raised will go directly towards providing the basic human needs of clean water, food, and shelter to those now in need.

We are asking every lodge and section across our Region and Nation to please consider making a donation to help the cause. The standard specially designed patch seen to the right are being gifted for a  $10 donation to the fund, each bearing the words of our Obligation that remind us of our duty to others. Any individuals who wish to donate at the $100 level will receive a special metallic-bordered patch in recognition of their gift.

The ones who chose you need you. Who among us is able to answer the call? Attached is the donation form for the Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund, and we exhort you to make a donation to help serve those who need it most. 


Distinguished Eagle Scout

The Western Region would like to congratulate John “Jack” Hess, a past Western Region Chairman, for being honored with the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. On November 7 the Longs Peak Council will be hosting at the University of Colorado’s University Memorial Center at 6:30 to honor Mr. Hess for his outstanding achievement, both in and out of Scouting. Jack earned his B.S. in Geosciences from Pennsylvania State University before completing his PhD in Geology in 1974. He has served as the Executive Director of the Division of hydrologic Sciences, the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Desert Research Institute, and a Congressional Science fellow to Senator Harry Reid. He currently sits as the Executive Director of the Geological Society of America (GSA) is a fellow of the National Speleological Society and Cave Research Foundation.


Jack became an Eagle Scout as a youth in 1966 and his Vigil Honor in 1967. Jack earned his Woodbadge beads in 1987 and was recognized with the Silver Beaver Award in 1988 by the Boulder Dam Area Council. He has served as a Chapter and Lodge Adviser, the W4C Section Associate and Section Adviser, the Area W4 Adviser, and was the OA Western Region Chairman. Jack has served as the Incident Cmmander for ArrowCorp5 and SummitCorp, has served on BSA Jamboree Staff in 2010 and 2013, and was recognized with the OA Distinguished Service Award in 1998 and the Silver Antelope in 2000  for his ongoing service. Jack currently sits as a member of the National Order of the Arrow Committee, the Western Region Board, and a member of the BSA National Council.

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