The Section W-6W leadership met on March 21-23, 2014 for their annual Section Leadership Retreat (SLR) at Camp Fiesta Island in sunny San Diego, California. The SLR is a fun-filled weekend where the section leadership comes together for Conclave planning, training, and team bonding.

This year’s theme for the SLR was “Go For Gold.” Inspired by the recent winter olympics, participants learned of the necessary skills and tools to effectively come together as a team to pull off a successful conclave. Firday night was filled with ice breakers, which allowed everyone in attendance to better know each other. The next day, is down to business with training sessions, site presentations, meetings, and team building. Training sessions emphasized the importance of good communication, the Seven Ps (Prior Proper Planning Prevents Pitifully Poor Performance), the essentials of the Journey To Excellence program, usage of different media, and much more. By the time afternoon rolled around, participants had the opportunity to take advantage of the aquatic activities that were present at the facility. Canoe races allowed the participants to clear their minds and to further build the bonds of a cohesive team. In the evening, participants were treated to some fireworks from the local Seaworld, followed by more fellowship. On the last day, participants took part in the last of the training sessions before setting out for home. Amongst the laughter, fellowship, meetings, and training sessions, a team was formed. A team that is ready to take on the task of Going For their Gold in putting on a great conclave.The theme for this year’s conclave is “The Great Southwest Centennial Fest.” And as the theme suggests, this year’s conclave hopes to be one of the best the section has seen yet!