My name is Michael. I like carrot cake, hate early mornings, and don’t have a favorite Pokemon. Or something like that. For more fun facts, you can look at my bio online. For now, lets skip to the good part. There are three things that you need to know about me. First off, yes, it is true I am not going into political science or international diplomacy. I like to think that a little speaking skills and creative talent can’t hurt to benefit other fields, now can it? Secondly, no, I have not yet escaped being marooned on a deserted island by roping together a couple of sea turtles using human hair off of my back, although I respect anyone who has tried. And finally, Starbucks may just be the best thing ever conceived by man. I am not fully ready to make that statement, however, as Coca­Cola still wins every time.

But if there is anything you’ll take away, know this: I like doing things my own way. I like doing things my own way because it gives me a chance to add a personal touch. Adding a personal touch gives meaning to what I do and giving meaning to what I do makes what I do all the more lasting. I ask that you be a part of that. Add your personal touch this year. Make something lasting. I hope to be able to meet you, and when I do, be ready to show what you have done to make a lasting impact!


Michael Kintscher

2014 Western Region Chief