OA High Adventure provides exciting opportunities for Arrowmen

High Adventure can provide some of the most rigorous experiences available to scouts and scouters. Most scouts and their troops or crews will be on waiting lists for up to two years for one of these camps. There are four bases in which scouts from all over can attend: Florida Sea Base, Northern Tier, Philmont Scout Ranch, and The Summit Bechtel Reserve. They are the best scouting experiences outside of National Jamborees and NOACs to meet scouts from around the country. Arrowmen have the best price deal for these camps, sometimes less than half the regular prices! You get to pick your sessions and dates (instead of going into a lottery system for your date) and your foremen are some of the best in the business, who are outstanding Arrowmen and knowledgeable guides.

Joe Barton, the 2012 Western Region Chief, says, “The OA [High Adventure] program is one that truly gives the best opportunity to experience the meaning of our Order in brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service.” To me these words mean quite a bit, not only because they come from a person who I respect, but also because they resonate with one of Scouting’s central purposes. This central purpose is to meet new people and learn new things to make us better men when that time comes. Though for some its more about getting away from it all. National chief, Nick Dannemiller, says “when I tell Arrowmen to go to OA High Adventure, it’s not because you will make incredible bonds with the guys in your crew or be able to give back to the BSA’s four bases, but because this is a chance to truly go on an adventure in the great outdoors. I can say unequivocally these were some of the highlights of my Scouting career.”