The recent earthquake and super typhoon in the Philippines have claimed the lives of untold thousands of people, and left millions homeless and without the most basic human needs of potable water, food and shelter.

In an effort to help our brothers in need, the Shanghei Chapter of Gamenowwinink Lodge has begun an ambitious campaign to raise at least $10,000 to be given to the BSA’s chosen charity in this crisis, ShelterBox. Every dollar raised will go directly towards providing the basic human needs of clean water, food, and shelter to those now in need.

We are asking every lodge and section across our Region and Nation to please consider making a donation to help the cause. The standard specially designed patch seen to the right are being gifted for a $10 donation to the fund, each bearing the words of our Obligation that remind us of our duty to others. Any individuals who wish to donate at the $100 level will receive a special metallic-bordered patch in recognition of their gift.

The ones who chose you need you. Who among us is able to answer the call? Attached is the donation form for the Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund, and we exhort you to make a donation to help serve those who need it most.