<a href=http://www.oawest.org/images/mustangchpfull.jpg><img src=http://www.oawest.org/images/mustangchp.jpg width=150 align=left style=padding-right:3px;padding-bottom:3px></a>US Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma - Two Rock, CA - 2011 Western Region Chief Joe Garcia has spent the weekend at the Section W3N Conclave in Two Rock. The weekend consisted of the usual conclave training and fellowship activities, but also featured SCUBA BSA and Redwood Empire Council’s climbing wall at the midway–and next to the wall was a CHP Officer who was instructed to do nothing more than ‘Go to Two Rock.’ The American Indian Affairs activities were a crowd favorite, as well as the sno-cone machine, but those Arrowmen who were bold enough to adventure near the CHP Officer and the climbing wall had a great time.

<a href=http://www.oawest.org/images/mustangradarfull.jpg><img src=http://www.oawest.org/images/mustangradar.jpg width=150 align=right style=padding-right:3px;padding-bottom:3px></a>Featured are pictures of the <a href=http://western.oa-bsa.org/tradingpost/>West is Best Mustang Diecast car</a> posing with the CHP Dodge Charger (click on either image to view the original image). That car is unexpectedly speedy! Below is a video of Region Chief Joe Garcia, past Section Chiefs Mark Ishizu and Ben LeRoy, and Region Webmaster Michael Millerick descend the climbing wall in style.

Make sure you check the <a href=http://western.oa-bsa.org/calendar/>Western Region calendar</a> for the dates of your Section's next conclave, and make sure to register for it as soon as possible! Each conclave is different than each of the previous conclaves. Each conclave offers a new experience, and endless friendship and fellowship.

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