Posted: October 1, 2008 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src=images/new_patch.jpg width=145 height=140 align=left style=padding-right:20px;padding-bottom:5px> Update: The deadline for patch submissions has been extended to October 19th.

NOAC 2009 is coming up fast, and in order to prepare the Western Region is holding a patch design contest. Every NOAC the region produces a round patch that is sold to thousands of Arrowmen, and this year it could be your design.

The rules are simple – send a digital design of a 3 inch round patch to <a></a> by October 19th. The patch also has to include the phrases “Western Region” and “NOAC 2009.” Use of the region’s mascot, a Mustang, is suggested but optional.

Every design will then be posted to the region website to be voted on by the Region Council of Chiefs during the region gathering (more information to follow). So even if your design isn’t selected, it will be posted on the region website, and you will get to see the competition. Get out the paper, pens, and scanner, or start up Photoshop: we need some awesome designs!

The winning patch designs from the <a href=images/2006noacpatch.jpg>2006</a> and <a href=images/2004noacpatch.jpg>2004</a> NOAC patch design contests are provided for reference.