Posted: September 18, 2008 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src=images/service_grant.jpg width=175 height=214 align=right style=padding-left:5px;padding-bottom:20px> Attention all lodge and section leadership: an opportunity is fast approaching! The National Order of the Arrow Committee provides grants annually to help fund lodges’ council service projects. The application deadline for the grants is at the end of September, so if you have not started yet, now is the time.

This year the Region has established a committee of Arrowmen experienced with the application process, led by past region chief Chad Wolver. Please do not hesitate to contact the committee by emailing Chad if you any questions or want some help or direction with the process. This is free money to support your lodge and council, so please take advantage of the opportunity and get started now.

More information on the grants can be found <a href=>here</a>.