Posted: September 7, 2008 by Kevin Renfrow

The Western Region is proud to announce the appointment of three new region committee chairmen: Alex Braden, Brian Gray, and Steven Heimark.

<img src=images/braden_1.jpg width=95 height=140 align=right style=padding-left:10px;padding-bottom:60px> Braden (right) will serve as Communications Committee Chairman. The Region Communications Committee is responsible for the region newsletter, the Mustang, as well as the region website. Both of these mediums are used to inform the members of the Western Region of what has happened around the region and what is around the corner.

<img src=images/gray_1.jpg width=97 height=140 align=left style=padding-right:10px> Gray (left) will chair the High Adventure Promotion Committee. The Region High Adventure Promotion Committee’s job is to keep the Arrowmen of the West informed and excited about OA High Adventure opportunities. These life-changing experiences occur every summer at Philmont, Northern Tier, and Sea Base; and we want to make sure that Westerners don’t miss out. The committee also administers any region high adventure scholarships available.

<img src=images/heimark_1.jpg width=109 height=140 align=right style=padding-left:10px> Heimark (right) will lead the NOAC Promotion Committee. The Region NOAC Promotion Committee is charged with ensuring that every Arrowman in the West hears about NOAC 2009 and understands how awesome the next conference is going to be. A lot of us are already saying, “I’m there!”

The new appointment for the Region Program Committee chairman will be announced shortly.