Posted: August 14, 2008 by Kevin Renfrow

<img src=images/regionlogo.jpg width=150 height=149 align=right style=padding-left:5px> The Western Region of the Order of the Arrow has been affected by the recently announced plan by the Western Region BSA to reorganize councils into new geographic areas. This is a very exciting time for the Region as this reorganization will allow us to better serve the Boy Scout program.

The Region has experienced many changes, but the region and section leadership is ensuring that everything transitions as smoothly as possible.

The most noticeable of these changes is the realignment of our current areas and sections across the region. Every section except for one will experience change. Some sections will lose lodges and some will gain; for some these changes will be small, and for others the changes will be very significant. After the realignment we will increase the total number of sections from 12 to 14 which will be contained within 6 physical Areas rather than 4 previously.

The following changes are effective immediately for sections which have completed their 2008 conclave.


Realignment Map

Section A
61 - Tahosa
62 - Kola
695 - Crazy Horse
638 - Tatokainyanka

60 - Ha-Kin-Skay-A-Ki
63 - Tupwee Gudas Gov Youchiquot Soovep
64 - Mic-O-Say
Section B1
106 - Tukarica
107 - Shunkah Manteetu
111 - Mai-I-Shu
315 - Apoxky Aio
Section B2
589 - Awaxaawe' Awachia
590 - El-Ku-Ta
591 - Tu-Cubin-Noonie
Section C1
30 - Yowlumne
32 - Non OA (Tribe of Tahquitz)
33 - Siwinis
51 - Malibu
53 - Chumash
57 - Topa Topa
58 - Spe-Le-Yai

Section C2
39 - Wiatava
40 - Ta Tanka
45 - Cahuilla

Section D1
606 - Sikhs Mox Lamonti
609 - T'Kope Kwikwis
610 - Nanuk
612 - Nisqually
696 - Toontuk
Section D2
611 - Es-Kaielgu
604 - Wa-La-Moot-Kin
614 - Tataliya
Section D3
491 - Lo La 'Qam Geela
492 - Wauna La-Mon'tay
697 - Tsisqan
Section E1
102 - Maluhia
104 - Na Mokupuni O Lawelawe
803 - Achpateuny
Section E2
10 - Wipala Wiki
49 - Tiwahe
328 - Nebagamon
Section E3
11 - Papago
573 - Gila
412 - Yah-Tah-Hey-Si-Kess
413 - Kwahadi
Section F1
23 - Ut-In Sélica
35 - Talako
41 - Orca
47 - Amangi Nacha
329 - Tannu
Section F2
22 - Kaweah
25 - Esselen
27 - Tah-Heetch
28 - Achewon Nimat
31 - Ohlone
42 - Hungteetsepoppi
55 - Miwok
59 - Toloma

Please note that the section designations used above are temporary and will be replaced with permanent designations in the near future.

Because sections are being realigned, the section leadership will need to adapt to these changes.

  • Section officers will serve in the position in which they were elected in the new section that their home OA lodge is assigned. Their term of office will be until the next conclave.
  • Sections that still need to complete their 2008 Conclave will proceed as planned with conclave. This includes normal elections with all current lodges participating. Youth from any lodge in the current section may run for office regardless of the status of their lodge at the end of the conclave. However, no youth shall use the reorganization as part of his platform for office and it is the responsibility of the Section adviser to ensure adherence to this policy. At no time should the reorganization remove the opportunity for a youth to run for office or vote as provided in the Field Operations Guide.
  • A special Council of Chiefs with appropriate advance notice will be held to elect officers for any vacant offices which may be caused by the reorganization. The process will be similar to filling a vacancy caused by election to a National office as provided by the Field Operations Guide. All elected Section Chiefs (through conclave election or the Council of Chiefs election) will be invited to Texas, may run for national office, and serve on a NOAC committee.
  • In some cases sections will have co-chiefs, co-vice chiefs, and/or co-secretaries. They will share the duties in that capacity until the 2009 Section Conclave of the new sections.

Section Advisers and Section Staff Advisers will be appointed by the Area Directors in consultation with and concurrence by the Region OA Chairman and the Region OA Staff Adviser.

A listing of the Section Chiefs following realignment and newly appointed advisers is listed below. It is the responsibility of the chief and adviser to confirm current vice chief(s) and secretary(s) in a given section.

Section Section Chief Section Adviser
A1 David Harrell
(Jayson Renforth, current W5B chief completes his term Aug 22)
Neil Gabriel
A2 Vacant Joan Armstrong
B1 Vacant John Jensen
B2 David Petersen Ken Jeppeson
C1 Jack Chinn Howard Kern
C2 Jeremy Yamaguchi Pending selection
D1 Sam Giacalone Nick Spenserberger
D2 Trentin Ramsey Peter Kruse
D3 Brian Gray
(Conclave and elections in Sept)
Pending selection
E1 Ted Dodson Ed Chunn
E2 John Kondziolka
(Conclave and elections in Nov)
Tim Malaney
E3 Frederick Gross Jaime Rendon
F1 Randy Pares
(Conclave and elections in Sept)
Keith Coombs
F2 Daniel Salet Mark Matthews

The full text of the Western Region Section Reorganization plan (including Section/Lodge assignments, Section Chiefs and their new sections, Section Adviser appointments, a detailed Action Plan for implementation, and a map of the new sections) is available for download.

These changes are exciting and are going to take the efforts of all of us to ensure that the transition goes smoothly.